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Petition #1
Stop the Slaughter of Saint Bernards and Other Dogs

Over the past few years, China has been importing Saints Bernards and other breeds to cross with the very few local dogs that existed after the mass slaughter by the Red Guard.

Huge dog farms have sprung up over China and the dogs and their off-spring are slaughtered in the most inhumane manner. The pups from 3 months of age.

Please help Sirius Global Animal Trust put an end to this abhorrent practice which is neither to help "starving" people nor "culture". This has been confirmed by the First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy, Wellington NZ.

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Petition #2
Demand the Philippines Government enforce their Laws banning the eating of dogs.

In 1998 the Philippines Government passed an Act banning the slaughter and human consumption of dogs. Little attempt has ever been made to enforce this, with dog meat restaurants commonplace. Many Filipinos claim dog eating is their right and "tradition". There is comprehensive detailed information on our Philippines page detailing the atrocities and abject cruelty dogs in the Philippines are having to undergo.

The trade in dog meat must be banned now and the Animal Welfare Act enforced. Dogs are usually sold at markets while still alive, their front limbs dislocated and tied painfully behind their backs and a jagged tin can rammed over their jaws to make them easier to handle. All in blatant disregard of a law that carries a minimal penalty which the police do not bother to even try to enforce.

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