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A $NZ10,000 MISSION of mercy saved Tang, a Tugo puppy, from a hideous death in China.

The Tugo (meaning "calm dog") is bred for human consumption in China. But Tang had a lucky break. He was bought at a street market by Aucklanders Gerard Johnson and Melanie Arends, who were touring through China.

Tang, then only eight weeks old, was dehydrated and near death. He cost the Clevedon couple $NZ7.

Adult dogs are considered a delicacy and cost up to $NZ50 - half the monthly wage of a Chinese farmer. The Chinese believe the meat is an aphrodisiac, says Gerard.

Melanie says the way the animals are killed is abhorrent. "Boiling water is poured over a live dog to increase the adrenalin flow in the meat and to make it easier to skin the animal.

"Once the animal has been doused with boiling water and is in a state of shock, its throat is cut and the meat left to dry." The couple agreed that if they had been unable to get Tang out of the country, they would have had him put down rather than let him be killed for his meat. People twice tried to steal the dog and many were puzzled about why Gerard and Melanie wanted to keep him.

Tugos are easily trained, very docile and quiet, says Gerald. The couple plan to rescue a bitch so they can start a breeding programme.

The unplanned mission to save the dog was not cheap. Once Tang was safe in quarantine in Hong Kong, the vet and kennel bills, the dog's airfare and customs charges began to add up.

Melanie stayed with friends and visited Tang in quarantine every weekend for four months as she and Gerald worked to pay the bills. Tang then spent another two months in quarantine in Auckland before getting his first taste of freedom in March.


In 1998, 10 Saint Bernard dogs from the USA and Europe were exported to China for dog meat trials, along with Great Danes and Mastiffs. As a result, the Chinese Government declared the Saint Bernard to be "The Meat Dog of Choice" advertising its aphrodisiac qualities in business brochures designed to encourage the farming of these highly intelligent animals.

In Korean, over 2 million dogs are slaughtered annually under the misconception that the dog meat invigorates male sexual vitality.

In January 2003, following a complaint about a Chinese herbal remedy, the Ministry of Health in New Zealand launched an intensive investigation. The outcome of this was the following:

11 of the remedies tested were found to contain prescription medicines and toxic substances, some linked to cancer. One of these preparations was Wei Ge Wang used to treat impotency.

Wei Ge Wang was found to contain powdered dogs penis amongst other things but the main finding was Viagra in large quantities. The Viagra was not listed on the box but the powdered dog's penis was. So what does this tell us?

It tells us strongly that even the Chinese herbalists do not believe that the dogs' meat is an aphrodisiac, otherwise why use the large doses of Viagra? It also tells us that by listing the dogs' penises on the packaging shows us they are using the mythological belief of Asians that this remedy will cure their impotency. Perhaps it will but only because a man-made, synthetic drug has been added NOT because of the use of any part of the dogs.

So, why are the dogs slaughtered so inhumanely under the guise that the slaughter enhances the aphrodisiac quality of the meat? Purely and simply, archaic superstition excuses by the meat traders to justify what they do.

The Doctor I spoke to at the Ministry of Health who did the research on the 11 remedies stated there is no proof medically or scientifically that the dogs' meat is an "aphrodisiac" as purported by the dog meat traders.

Never before have scientific tests been carried out on Chinese herbal medicines and the outcome is indeed astounding. However, it also has a dark side in that Asians taking this remedy, getting the desired response will put it down to the fact that it contains parts of an animal, the dog, which they have been led to believe has meat which has "aphrodisiac" qualities. So the question indeed which must be asked is why add the Viagra? The simple answer is that the other ingredients just do not work, never have and never will. The only thing, which will enhance what the Asians are looking for, is a man-made, synthetic substance. The claims on the packaging are therefore false.

This is the 21st Century and the year 2003. Let us fight using the knowledge Science gives us and use that knowledge well to prove our cases once and for all. Investigate local herbalists for stocks of Wei Ge Wang and inform your local Health Authorities. This information can be used logically and forcefully to denounced the false claims. I have a video from Television 3 NZ plus newspaper articles, which fully lists the 11 herbal remedies plus the hidden ingredients if anyone would like a copy.
Elly Maynard
Sirius Global Animal Org

From the International Organisation of the Catholic Protection of Animals

"We respectfully ask that the United Nations/FAO classify Western breed dogs as illegal for human consumption. The dog has developed a relationship with humans unknown in many other species and to have these animals destined for the food chain is unacceptable and abhorrent. Dogs have rightly earned the title 'man's best friend'. You are kindly asked to note that this organisation is part of the Roman Catholic Church, which comprises more than 1000,000,000 people worldwide.

From His Holiness Pope John Paul II

"Nature does not belong to the human race, but to God, its creator. God appointed us stewards of nature, so that we might respect it and thus discover the true basis of our own existence."

From the Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong

"In recognition that the breeding of Western companion animals for food will outrage dog-loving communities worldwide, we appeal to the Chinese authorities to consider the country's reputation and the far-reaching impact that this practice will have upon major industries such as tourism, agriculture and trade. Several countries in Asia have banned the practice of dog slaughter and consumption because of the recognition that they are not an appropriate food."

From In Defense of Animals, California, to New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark

"In Defense of Animals joins with St Bernard rescue groups around the world in support of the global petition asking that China cease importing dogs for food and stop the slaughter of St Bernards in China."

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