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Dear Mr Ambassador,

In this information age, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the treatment of what are commonly regarded as companion animals. Images of dogs and cats being subjected to the most incredible cruelties for the Chinese fur trade flood the internet, as do the horrific photos of dogs being beaten to death in China's brutal "culls" to perportedly combat rabies. The United States has closed its borders to your dog and cat fur exports as have many other countries, and very shortly the European Union will follow their example, reducing the outlets for these abominable products to a fraction of what they once were. Meanwhile ordinary people in Eastern Europe are also starting to question what the real price in suffering is behind the cheap furs that you sell them.

China's growth is phenomenal, and your economy is booming. You do not need to base this economy on the suffering of the helpless. I therefore respectfully urge the Chinese government to introduce and enforce comprehensive animal welfare laws that will end the trade in dog and cat fur and remove this stain on your nation's international reputation.

As many other countries have discovered, there are other methods that are both more humane and efficient in dealing with rabies than bludgeoning dogs to death. Neutering and releasing stray dogs has been proven to work successfully when combined with rabies inoculations, without soul-destroying images of pets being ripped from their owners arms and beaten to death in front of them.

As the Chinese people become more prosperous, they are increasingly regarding dogs and cats as pets, not food. Let China have the respect of the rest of the world by treating companion animals as they deserve. Introduce animal welfare legislation, send the dog meat and fur farms and the culls to the history books, and allow China to embrace the future, not the past. Until then I will boycott all products from China, as well as boycott tourism of China. I will also encourage as many people as I can to do the same.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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