NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

(Extract from"Animals Voice" Magazine, the monthly publication of the SPCA New Zealand.)

INTERNATIONAL animal rights organisations, political leaders and national figures, including Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, and Norwegian Olympic champion Gro Espeseth, have supported Elly Maynard's petition. We quote, in part, from some of their statements

From Jenny Shipley, former Prime Minister of New Zealand
"I completely agree with your position and can assure you that a number of political colleagues are actively working on this issue".

From Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First
"In many countries, as is the case in New Zealand, dogs hold a very special place in the lives of people. In many instances, to simply suggest that dogs are man's best friend, is an understatement the very thought of permitting dogs bred here to end up as table food is, for many, incomprehensible."

From La Foundation Brigitte Bardot, France
"Our Foundation is especially concerned at the condition of some dogs destined to be consumed in Asia. We have twice brought it to the attention of President Jiang Zemin and have asked the French Members of Parliament to set up a commission of enquiry. Please accept our distinguished salutations."

From Peter Mason, President of the RNZSPCA
"Some of the slaughter methods used in countries that kill dogs for meat are so cruel they defy belief. No creature should ever have to die in such torment."

From Bob Kerridge, Executive Director Auckland SPCA
"There is a cruelty to animals worldwide that is beyond comprehension. We must do all we possibly can to pluck it out at its very core. And we must never feel helpless."

From the International organisation of the Catholic Protection of Animals
"We respectfully ask that the United Nations/FAO classify Western breed dogs as illegal for human consumption. The dog has developed a relationship with humans unknown in many other species and to have these animals destined for the food chain is unacceptable and abhorrent. Dogs have rightly earned the title 'man's best friend'. You are kindly asked to note that this organisation is part of the Roman Catholic Church, which comprises more than 1000,000,000 people worldwide."

From His Holiness Pope John Paul II
"Nature does not belong to the human race, but to God, its Creator. God appointed us stewards of nature, so that we might respect it and thus discover the true basis of our own existence."

From the Animals Asia Foundation, Hong Kong
"In recognition that the breeding of Western companion animals for food will outrage dog loving communities worldwide, we appeal to the Chinese authorities to consider the country's reputation and the far-reaching impact that this practice will have upon major industries such as tourism, agriculture and trade. Several countries in Asia have banned the practice of dog slaughter and consumption because of the recognition that they are not an appropriate food."

From In Defence of Animals, California, to New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark
"In Defence of Animals joins with St Bernard rescue groups around the world in support of the global petition asking that China cease importing dogs for food and stop the slaughter of St Bernards in China."

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